Top Troubleshooter

I have a passion for learning how to do and use new things, which has led me to work many kinds of jobs. From facilities at a church here in Columbus, to being a camp counselor, prep cook, handyman, and landscaper. I fill my free time with exploring the outdoors, cooking good food, and building my own computer for gaming.

My time with ACES started a few years back, when Aaron needed someone who could do “stuff”. I then took a little break to travel cross-country in a camper with my wife, who is a travelling nurse. 19 National parks, 4 roundtrips driving from coast to coast, and about 3,000 cups of coffee later, I am back as the guy who can hang your tv and then fix your network. I am constantly learning new ways to troubleshoot and fix issues that arise and look forward to the challenge!


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Professional Life:

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Making wires disappear


Outdoor enthusiast/gamer


Service with a smile


Remembering where I left my coffee




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