The Tech Guru

For those of you that do not know me, I am a bundle of energy that thrives on lots of inputs. I have always had a passion for music (I studied both vocal performance and percussion at Penn State University, including 4 years in the marching band.) Professionally I have a history of jobs cutting-edge technology companies, including a long stint with a rather well-known consumer technology manufacturer. And personally, I love being outside and active.

ACES approached me a couple of years ago because they were busting at the seams and needed some help with the technology they were selling. I know … the irony of it. Anyhow, that started as programming remotes and configuring network routers, but has grown into leading the technological growth and best practices for the company.


Aaron asked me to write something personal and relatable or historical about myself here, but instead I’m going to take this opportunity to vent. I’ve worked here for nearly two years and he’s promised me we’ll get really nice ACES work clothes. But I’ve got nothing. Seriously dude, get this website finished so we can get some swag.

Explain systems in user-friendly terms


Running Hiking Biking Cross-Training


Dreaming up a better way to do everything


Remembering to put gas in ACES van




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